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Today we often want to take time out to recreate ourselves,  or to see how the other half lives.  Unfortunately the world is becoming smaller as we communicate and travel with greater ease than ever before.

Our information is a summary of the countries listed with note of health, safety and places you should not go without specialist knowledge and local contacts.

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Time out from Bangkok

Monkeys can be found in most of Thailand and they love handouts, although beer is probably not what they need.

Pattaya is a city in Thailand and a beach resort popular with tourists and expatriates due to its proximity to Bangkok. Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok within the province of Chonburi.

Many of the residents are reputed to have links to organised […]



Party Central

Phuket girls

About 870 kilometres (540 mi) south of Bangkok, Phuket is one of the southern provinces made up of the island of Phuket, the country’s largest island and one of the countries most popular resorts.

As well as the steamy night life where thousands of pretty girls await to satisfy your every whim, this is also the place where you can head out to explore the unique limestone islands and actually get away from the maddening […]

Diamond harbour ferries

Time for recreation

The Diamond Harbour Ferry berthed in Lyttleton.

Diamond Harbour is a popular destination on Banks Peninsula, a leisurely forty minutes by car from down town Christchurch and many Christchurch locals head there for Sunday drives, a stroll and coffee.

But it’s also home to city workers and stay at home artists. It makes for a great for a day trip as there are interesting walks around the headland, a more vigorous day trip to Mt Herbert […]


A land of pagodas

Once part of the Indian Empire and with a messy modern history, Myanmar is one of the worlds newest tourist destinations although the infrastructure cannot cope with the rapidly growing tourist numbers.

Stretching about 2000km from north to south and surrounded by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand (Siam), Myanmar’s natural beauty was revealed recently by Top Gear’s (three idiots abroad) who drove trucks from Yangon, (a river city and the capital of Myanmar) to Thailand. […]


The Heart of the south

The Texas Longhorn, a distinctive Texan breed. Video

Almost everyone has heard of Texas because everything’s said to be bigger and better down there! But it’s actually the second largest state of the union located in the central south of the country. It has a long coast along the Gulf of Mexico and an even longer border with Mexico. To the east is Louisiana, to the north-east is Arkansas, Oklahoma in the the north […]



Gator country Destination Baton Rouge

Louisiana is located in the tropical south of the United States and much of Louisiana is low lying swamp in the deltas where the Atchafalaya and Mississippi rivers enter the Gulf of Mexico.

Although the north of the state can get a bit chilly in winter, it’s hot and humid for most of the year. It’s surrounded by Texas in the west; Arkansas in the north; Mississippi to the east and the ocean in the […]


Sexy and Retiring

Jenny Scordamaglia from Miami TV interviews club and party goers.

Set in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the east by the Atlantic ocean, west by the Gulf of Mexico and in the north by Alabama and Georgia, Florida is a disappearing state. The primary geology is limestone making sinkholes a regular feature of the landscape. This land is low-lying and highly susceptible to inundation by rising sea levels, but don’t let that […]


Russia’s Administrative Capital

Central Moscow with Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Spasskaya Clocktower

The political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of Russia and one of the most important cities in Eurasia.

Reputed as being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District of European Russia.

It is one of the world’s most populated inland cities that’s well known for its unique architecture, historic […]

Dismantling Nations

The climate of change

Street fractured in Christchurch earthquakes

Global warming is no longer a fiction, it is a fact which means that one must be pragmatic in one’s life and also when making travel plans. Most of the Middle East is no longer a good travel destination due to the conflicts, but the rest of the world is becoming more dangerous due to mankind’s impact on earth.

Volcanic eruptions, super storms and earthquakes have been more frequent in […]

Christchurch renewing

Four years on

Street fractured in Christchurch earthquakes

After the city of Christchurch was almost completely destroyed by earthquakes in December 2010 and February 2011, the city is beginning to find its feet.

While a great many homeowners are still battling with the insurance companies and living in broken homes, a major building boom is underway in central city re-establishing shops and mauls to replace the temporary shopping precinct made up of shipping containers.

Being a joint host of […]