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Today we often want to take time out to recreate ourselves,  or to see how the other half lives.  Unfortunately the world is becoming smaller as we communicate and travel with greater ease than ever before.

Our information is a summary of the countries listed with note of health, safety and places you should not go without specialist knowledge and local contacts.

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Travelling in 2016?


Travel tips

Gaia – The World Tree. How do you want to live?

With the spread of terrorism, some people are becoming afraid just to go to work let alone travel. The violence the Middle East continues to escalate with recent attacks in Paris, Egypt and Turkey as Europe struggles to maintain law and order due to the influx of refugees.

Therefore, wherever you go in the world your own safety must be a priority. This means you must […]

India's Caste System


Part of India’s colour

The caste system in India has intrigued visitors to the country, yet it was exploited by those who sought to rule over India. Within India today there is controversy and there are even efforts being made to ban the caste system, so what are its origins and purpose?

Actually the same system exists all around the world except in the West, caste demarcations refer to social class and wealth. It has been traditional in Western society […]


It looks like chaos, but there is order

The capital city of Maharashtra and formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is India’s largest city with a population of over 18 million or even more depending on how one sees the city boundaries.

Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India and home to the Bollywood film industry. Sometimes budget travellers are invited to be movie extras which is quite novel and pays a few rupees, but not enough to […]

Our Shrinking World


Where to holiday in 2016

Taj Mahal, India

In terms of travel and communication, our world for a long time has been getting more accessible. Package holidays from Europe and North America to many exotic destinations have been popular for many years but unfortunately many of these destinations are becoming inaccessible due to the escalation of global conflict.

Many North African resorts and Middle Eastern heritage sites have become conflict zones, but many of the worlds great cities are […]

Elephanta Island


A day trip from Mumbai

Shiva and Shakti

For anyone visiting Mumbai who has an interest in historic Indian culture and spiritualty, a trip across to Elephanta Island is an excellent day trip. But if you are to take in the fullness of what the island has to offer, an overnight stay may be worthwhile.

There is a regular ferry service from the Mumbai waterfront (by the Gateway of India). The ferry takes about an hour, but there is […]

Mother India


A celebration of life

Facebook image

India was stripped of its wealth and world status by the British who also did their utmost to destroy Indian culture. They succeeded to a large extent that they are the cause of a great deal of suffering in India today.

However I do not want to lament this fact. Rather, I would like to point out that before the British, India never really suffered from capitalism, a system based on exploitation. Indian […]

Whites Only Please

The First Nation Australians Yothu Yindi- “Tribal Voice” Purchase at http://www.yothuyindi.com/

No one knows for sure how long the Australian aboriginal people or first nation Australians have lived on the continent. Some say more than 60,000 years and those who are more sceptical say 30,000 but there is no way of knowing for sure because there is no certainty as to where the rest of us all came from and the general out of Africa theory has sprung many leaks […]

Auckland Winter


The big grey

Auckland’s 328 metre high Sky Tower

A peculiarity of Auckland city is that it’s so often overcast, not particularly cold, just that the sky is dull and given to drizzle and light rain. Actually in wintertime the beaches and outdoor recreation areas are far less crowded so don’t be put off getting out for some fresh air.

The city itself is all about cars, shopping and eating. It’s about cars because you need a car to […]

4 Kids in Christchurch

Activities for the young at heart include:

Free Stuff There are many parks including Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens in the city centre where kids can feed the ducks and there is play equipment and a paddling pool (in summer). Parents can sit back, relax and watch the children play.

Nearby in the Canterbury Museum there is a natural history centre for children with many weird and wonderful things to for them explore.

Skateboard at Washington Way Reserve, corner […]

Unhappily French


Paradise misunderstood

Tumblr image

Paris especially is called the city of love and yet when it comes to romance, the Parisien’s are described as being the unhappiest in the world.

The French have always been renowned for their relaxed attitude towards sex, and infidelity in relationships is so commonplace that no one takes any notice. Even the president and public officials make public appearances with their consorts present.

Prostitution in France is legal although it is illegal to advertise […]